My studying abroad 9/18-11/28

I’m so sorry I’ve not posted for a long time.
It has passed almost 3 months. Maybe, my English is getting better especially listening.
After my ex- post, I enjoyed a lot of things.
home coming
This was the first time to dance at the party. Though I danced like seaweeds, I had a great time.
My friends were soooo cool and beautiful.

broke my left hand
I broke my hand when I jumped over the fence but at that time, but i continued playing tennis and soccer for a week because I didn’t realize it was broken haha.

Josie’s birthday party (my host sis)
I performed Akira 100% in front of about 15 people (half of them were stranger)
I was so grad they enjoyed my performance.

corn maze and pumpkin farm

making chocolate brownie
my host sis told me to make chocolate brownie
This tasted so good!!

I wore Ninja costume. Most of houses were decorated with so many wired dolls and blight LEDs.
I got a lot of sweets during trick – or – treat!
making pizza with my friend


chopping wood for a fireplace
I made firewoods with this big machine

I started swimming this winter. At first, the practice was too hard, but now, I get used to it!
my team has many good swimmers and the best player is the 4th in America!!

Thanksgiving and trip to Victoria

daily life
I love my school!
I’m having wonderful time everyday without experience failure.
Maybe I’m insensitive about failure