first month in the US

it’s passed a month since I came to the US.I’m not sad and not homesick. I think I’m a person doesn’t feel discouraged.
By the way, the school has started. at first, I struggled at my school because of no friends, and no understanding the classes but the students were so kind of me to understand classes and to make friends so now, I’m enjoying my school life so much. I started tennis and join the local soccer club. My body is getting muscular, not fat because I play sports every day and I take the athletic conditional class.
I sometimes cook dinner for my family and I have come to like cooking. Before this, I made curry, carbonara, Yakisoba,  and Okonomiyaki. My family liked all of them.
The American school is so different from Japanese one. I prefer American school because we can be free and can do many things (more than Keio shiki!!!!!) and I did fugitive yesterday!!! I love it!!
I went camp with my dad and bro. it was so fun and I wanna go again!!
At last,

I got a date for homecoming!!!!!