My super irregular studying abroad blog 4 -1/20

I rode an ambulance four the first time in my life! I strained my back and couldn’t move at all haha. The ambulance was so comfortable and the doctor was so kind.

I went breakfast restaurant with my friend. The meal was so much!! (two waffle sandwiches three pancakes) It was so good though.

We helped my friend’s homework for photography. He took so many good pics of us.

I cooked Oyako-don. For it, I bought dashi, mirin, sticky rice, soy source, and so on.

I taught my host fam origami. That was so fun.

I went snowboarding for the first time in America with my fam!

I found kotatsu in America!!! My friend who is half Japanese had it.

I ate Japanese ramen and taiyaki in Seattle with my host sis! There were so many Japanese in the restaurant. They said “Irasshaimase!” when I entered.

I stayed at a so good resort with my friend’s fam and relative during 12/28-1/2
I went pool, hot spa, snowboarding twice, skating, snow tube, and so on!
I had a great time there with them!!

we got stuck in the car about 2 hours and called a tow track cuz my friend put gasoline in the diesel car by mistake hahaha.
That was my first time to use a tow truck.
My first-time ambulance and tow truck was in America! That’s so funny hahahaha
I hope I won’t ride them again.