my super irregular studying abroad blog ⑤ 〜4/17

we had a lot of in early Feb. thanks for the snow, our school had canceled for 2 weeks. i stayed at my friend’s house and played snow every day.

i sang 空も飛べるはず(japanese pop song)with piano in Multiculture assembly! it was kinda nervous but very fun!

our swim team went to state and won in the 3rd place!
they are so strong and funny, i love them.

i watch the sounders game with my host family in seattle.
that game was so exciting!

i went to LA with the exchange students from around the world.
i made many friends and had fun in LA.

the girls from 下北沢成徳 visited KHS! and we went to seattle on the other day with them.

i went to Arizona with my great host mom Ella. the view was so amazing and felt like i was in the movie.

the soccer season has started! im really enjoying playing soccer in America too!