my super irregular studying abroad blog ⑤ 〜4/17

we had a lot of in early Feb. thanks for the snow, our school had canceled for 2 weeks. i stayed at my friend’s house and played snow every day.

i sang 空も飛べるはず(japanese pop song)with piano in Multiculture assembly! it was kinda nervous but very fun!

our swim team went to state and won in the 3rd place!

they are so strong and funny, i love them.

i watch the sounders game with my host family in seattle.

that game was so exciting!



i went to LA with the exchange students from around the world.

i made many friends and had fun in LA.

the girls from 下北沢成徳 visited KHS! and we went to seattle on the other day with them.

i went to Arizona with my great host mom Ella. the view was so amazing and felt like i was in the movie.

the soccer season has started! im really enjoying playing soccer in America too!


粂井塾次女編 キャリア座談会を開催しました(4月5日金曜)

4月5日金曜日、僕はいませんでしたが(笑)、粂井塾 次女編 キャリア座談会開催しました。




My super irregular studying abroad blog 4 -1/20

I rode an ambulance four the first time in my life! I strained my back and couldn’t move at all haha. The ambulance was so comfortable and the doctor was so kind.

I went breakfast restaurant with my friend. The meal was so much!! (two waffle sandwiches three pancakes) It was so good though.

We helped my friend’s homework for photography. He took so many good pics of us.


I cooked Oyako-don. For it, I bought dashi, mirin, sticky rice, soy source, and so on.

I taught my host fam origami. That was so fun.

I went snowboarding for the first time in America with my fam!

I found kotatsu in America!!! My friend who is half Japanese had it.

I ate Japanese ramen and taiyaki in Seattle with my host sis! There were so many Japanese in the restaurant. They said “Irasshaimase!” when I entered.

I stayed at a so good resort with my friend’s fam and relative during 12/28-1/2

I went pool, hot spa, snowboarding twice, skating, snow tube, and so on!

I had a great time there with them!!

we got stuck in the car about 2 hours and called a tow track cuz my friend put gasoline in the diesel car by mistake hahaha.

That was my first time to use a tow truck.

My first-time ambulance and tow truck was in America! That’s so funny hahahaha

I hope I won’t ride them again.

My studying abroad 9/18-11/28

I’m so sorry I’ve not posted for a long time.

It has passed almost 3 months. Maybe, my English is getting better especially listening.

After my ex- post, I enjoyed a lot of things.

home coming

This was the first time to dance at the party. Though I danced like seaweeds, I had a great time.

My friends were soooo cool and beautiful.


broke my left hand

I broke my hand when I jumped over the fence but at that time, but i continued playing tennis and soccer for a week because I didn’t realize it was broken haha.


Josie’s birthday party (my host sis)

I performed Akira 100% in front of about 15 people (half of them were stranger)

I was so grad they enjoyed my performance.


corn maze and pumpkin farm


making chocolate brownie

my host sis told me to make chocolate brownie

This tasted so good!!




I wore Ninja costume. Most of houses were decorated with so many wired dolls and blight LEDs.

I got a lot of sweets during trick – or – treat!


making pizza with my friend






chopping wood for a fireplace

I made firewoods with this big machine



I started swimming this winter. At first, the practice was too hard, but now, I get used to it!

my team has many good swimmers and the best player is the 4th in America!!


Thanksgiving and trip to Victoria


daily life

I love my school!

I’m having wonderful time everyday without experience failure.

Maybe I’m insensitive about failure




first month in the US

it’s passed a month since I came to the US.I’m not sad and not homesick. I think I’m a person doesn’t feel discouraged.

By the way, the school has started. at first, I struggled at my school because of no friends, and no understanding the classes but the students were so kind of me to understand classes and to make friends so now, I’m enjoying my school life so much. I started tennis and join the local soccer club. My body is getting muscular, not fat because I play sports every day and I take the athletic conditional class.

I sometimes cook dinner for my family and I have come to like cooking. Before this, I made curry, carbonara, Yakisoba,  and Okonomiyaki. My family liked all of them.

The American school is so different from Japanese one. I prefer American school because we can be free and can do many things (more than Keio shiki!!!!!) and I did fugitive yesterday!!! I love it!!

I went camp with my dad and bro. it was so fun and I wanna go again!!

At last,










I got a date for homecoming!!!!!



This week, I did a lot of funny things as fishing,soccer coach for middle school students,movie,and playing soccer etc….

I can understand what they say only 50%, I enjoy staying here so much

People around me are so nice and kind to me. I got some friends.

The school will begin next week I’m afraid if I’m not able to make friends,but I’ll do well.

Tomorrow, I will go to Seattle with Annie and Brayden:my host sister and brother. I’m looking forward to it!!!

① fishing on the first day with host father

② one of my host family

③ soccer field where  I  coach middle school students

④ game of a life with my host family

北海道札幌市ママ向け講演会 〜 お手伝いと「ありがとう」で育つ未来力


















シュノーケリング(夜の積丹半島 夜光虫)をしたり、












【講座開催】7月15日 at発酵カフェこじか食堂

先日、埼玉県にある発酵カフェ こじか食堂で粂井塾の講座を開催しました!